This is a project of redesigning a bulb preamplifier. We worked for KTR Lab, french manufacturer of electro acoustic system. I was team leader of a team of 6 people, and our work was to design a new product keeping their existing technology.
We tried to create a warm product, totally different from the competitors. We enhanced the bulbs, the core technology with a simple glass as a showcase but also to protect them.
The design is asymetric and create an elegant lightness.
We wanted to have a basic and asymetrical speakers that could be used vertically but also horizontally.
Credits :
Lead Designers : Marc Tran, Pierre-Laurent Kichenama
Designers : Coralie Blootacker, Mathieu Chauvet
Digital Designers : Thomas Pignol, Axel Guilbert
Sketches : Marc Tran,
Renders : Thomas Pignol, Marc Tran
Client : KTR Lab

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